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Jazz Up Your Hymns - 5 Levels of Reharmonization

In this video we take a classic hymn, Amazing Grace, and we reharmonize it 5 ways with increasing jazz harmony.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Feb 21, 2022

Your First Jazz Piano Lesson

Learning to play jazz as a classically trained pianist comes with many challenges. Playing "off-the-cuff" from a lead sheet, and making it unique with each performance.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Feb 04, 2022
More than the Blues Scale...

Modern Tips for Playing the Blues

When you start learning how to play the blues you learn about blues scales, blues licks, and shuffle patterns. But when you listen to the pros play the blues, they don't use these things -- at least not in the same way we do.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jan 16, 2022
It's their D.N.A.

Dominants come from Diminished - Barry Harris

It's Friday, so that means a new Barry Harris video! This time, we explore Barry's concept of dominant chords coming from diminished chords, and how they literally share the DNA of their parents, the whole tone scales.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 31, 2021
Name that chord.

Borrowing Diminished Notes

Barry Harris taught us how to borrow notes from the 6th diminished scale to create tension and release.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 24, 2021
Play the 6th on the 5th

The first thing I learned from Barry Harris

I've learned so much by studying Barry Harris' teachings. This concept of "6th on the 5th" was the first that I really took to heart. I hope it's useful for you.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 17, 2021

What makes Jon Batiste sound so hip?

My tribute to the great Dr. Barry Harris:

All rights to this performance are owned by Quincy Jones Productions, performed by Jon Batiste at Montreaux Jazz Fest 2016.

Original video

This guided listening session is intended for jazz educational and music appreciation purposes, under fair use guidelines.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 15, 2021

Emmet Cohen & Patrick Bartley

Jazz musician reacts to Emmet Cohen & Patrick Bartley playing After You've Gone live at the Twin Cities Jazz Fest.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 09, 2021

Barry Harris (1929 - 2021)

Barry Harris made Bebop approachable to everyone. The genre is notoriously complex, and many get lost in the complexity. But through his own study, Barry found "simple things" that any of us could pick up for ourselves.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 08, 2021

Jazz Comping - A Complete Beginners Guide

When I first started to get comfortable playing jazz on the piano, I was eager to learn how to play with an ensemble. I knew my way through lots of tunes, and how to voice each chord. But, I didn't understand what my role was supposed to be in the rhythm section, or what I was supposed to do in order to support the other players.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 07, 2021
Flipping through a collection of jazz records.

Learn to play jazz on your own - step by step guide

We usually think about jazz as a formal study at a university such as Berkelee or Oberlin. Or perhaps, as more of an understudy or apprenticeship, where an upcoming student learns directly from a master. And don’t get me wrong, having a great teacher will really help in your study, but it’s not strictly required for you to become an accomplished player. In this article I’ll break down an approach to learning jazz on your own, at home, without a teacher.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Nov 08, 2021
A set of lead sheets sprawled out across a piano.

Every chord symbol found on lead sheets

In this article you'll find every chord symbol you are likely to encounter while playing from lead sheets or The Real Book. Everything from chord symbols with triangles, circles or chord extension are explained here in detail.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Apr 05, 2021
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