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Hands on a synthesizer

Soloing Using Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale

The melodic minor scale provides all kinds of different options for soloing over altered dominant chords. In this article we explore each of the 7 modes of the melodic scale, and how they work over different chords.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Mar 22, 2021
YouTube Cover for Chris Parks interview

Episode 5: Chris Parks

Chris Parks studied jazz guitar with legendary jazz performer and educator, Barry Harris. On this episode, I get my first lesson in the Barry Harris method and Chris shares his stories from his days in the classroom with the master.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Feb 01, 2021
YouTube Cover for Dr. Bob Lawrence interview

Episode 4: Dr. Bob Lawrence

Dr. Bob Lawrence, founder of the Dallas School of Music and the Jazz Piano Skills podcast, shows us how to add excitement to our jazz improvisation using rhythmic variety.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jan 29, 2021
YouTube Cover for Arthur Migliazza interview

Episode 3: Arthur Migliazza

Arthur Migliazza, the king of boogie piano, walks us through the techniques in his arrangement of St. Louis Blues, and shows us how to build hand independence.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jan 26, 2021
YouTube Cover for Jeremy Siskind interview

Episode 2: Jeremy Siskind

Tips to get more out of your jazz piano practice sessions with these techniques from Jeremy Siskind.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jan 23, 2021
YouTube Cover for Jonny May interview

Episode 1: Jonny May

Disneyland ragtime pianist Jonny May shows us how to take any song and play it in a variety of styles.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jan 20, 2021
Red Garland cover for Swinging' on the Korner

How to play in the style of Red Garland

Learn how to play in the signature style of Red Garland using his famous left hand comping patterns.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Dec 07, 2020
An overhead shot of a woman playing piano.

3-Note Jazz Piano Voicings

3-note jazz voicings are the simplest way to play 7th chords. They are great for beginners, but don't underestimate them -- the professionals use them all the time too.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Sep 29, 2020
An overhead photo of my hands playing a sharp 11 chord

How to use Sharp-11 Chords

A sharp-11 chord can be little intimidating of a concept, especially if you are new to playing jazz, but it's actually one of the most common ways to color major and dominant chords. In this article, we’ll explore various ways to use this chord in your playing.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Aug 09, 2020
A man covering his ears to muffle the sound of avoid notes.

What Is An Avoid Note In Jazz?

An avoid note is any note in the scale that is a half-step away from a note in the chord being played. As an example, playing an F on top of a C major chord sounds dissonant, since it's a half step above E, the third of the chord.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jul 23, 2020
A honky tonk piano which hardly looks playable.

Is Ragtime Hard to Play?

One of the most common questions I hear from beginning piano students is "can I learn to play Maple Leaf Rag?" Or, "Is The Entertainer approachable as a beginner?"

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jul 08, 2020
Hands on a piano

Jazz Chord Progressions — The Ultimate Guide

These 7 chord progressions make up 90% of jazz standards and are a critical skill in learning to play jazz piano.

Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh on Jun 13, 2020
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